UVMS License Activation

To perform a manual activation:
  1. When you open your VMS Admin Center for the first time, an Install License window will open. Paste the Activation Key that you received from FLIR Operations into the Activation Key field.
  2. Click “Generate Request”, and then store the license Request File you receive where it is accessible for this Manual product activation page.
  3. Use the dialog below to browse to and select the License Request File.
  4. Click "Upload File" to submit the License Request File to the activation service.
  5. The service will now process the License Request File and on completion will display a download hyperlink.
  6. Click this link to store the resulting license file to your computer.
  7. Go back to your VMS product, browse to the license file that you stored in step 6, and click “Install License”.
Activate a License Manually